‚Äč‚ÄčNicholas Mallonee 

>>....Bit Stream VR....

>>.....Game: Bit Stream VR.....
>> VR Programmer

>> December 2016

>>....Role In Project Overview....

-> Player Interaction Model

-> Spawning Algorithms

-> Gameplay Programming and Design

-> Download and More information Below

>>....Player Interactions.....
-> Created haptic feedback when the player catches bits
-> Created Visual Feedback systems for the player to be notified of a successful catch


-> You can download a playable demo from here.
-> It is completely free no need to pay for it.

>>....More Information....

-> This is a short game I made over the Christmas Holiday between contracts.
-> The game was made in 2 days.

-> Uses both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Touch controllers
-> There is a demo you can download below.

>>....Spawning Algorithms.....
-> Created scalable algorithms that allow for different experiences based on the difficulty
the player has chosen.
-> Each algorithm provides a unique challenge.

>>....Gameplay Programming and Design.....
-> Created gameplay rules and how the player would interact within the bounds of the rules.
-> Created handling methods to help keep the player in bounds and all gameplay moving smoothly.
-> Created a system to notify the player if they achieved a high score.