>>....More Updates....
-> More Updates Coming soon
-> This project is in the vertical slice phase and I am bound by an NDA until its past the vertical slice point.

-> The Art Work Is from the Artist on the project: Kevin Manning

>>....Player Character....

>>....Caligo VR....

>>.....AI and  VR Programmer...
>> Contract Programmer

>> December 2016 - Present

>>.... Player Interaction.....
-> Create System for allowing specific objects
to be held and handled a specifc way by the player.
-> Added Sockets and Connection points to objects for the interaction system.
-> Created System to add sounds on pick up and drop of an item.

>>.... Player Movement.....
-> Created a Locomotion System for player movement.
-> Allows the player to move around the world in VR similar to that of a console title.
-> Allows for the player movement to be hindered by the game when it is appropriate in the game story.
-> Movement system is both optimized for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift Touch controllers.

>>....Role In Project Overview....

-> Created Player Interaction Model

-> Created Intractable World Objects

-> Created Player Movement System

-> Created Core AI Components