​​Nicholas Mallonee 

>>....Role In Project Overview....

-> Create Player Movement Schema

-> Create Player World Interaction Model 

-> Implemented Player Movement Over Terrain 

-> Implemented Player Inventory

-> Helped lay out the Player World Interaction Model over a network 

>>....Player Movement.....
-> Took a generalized set of requirements and turned those into usable code assets. 

-> Created A system to allow players to point a HTC Vive controller or Oculus Move controller in the direction that they would want to go.  
-> Created a System to allow the Players Hover disc to follow the terrain. 
-> Created a system to allow the player to use their dominate hand as the hand that would control their movement 

>>....Player Character....

>>.... Player Inventory.....
-> Took a Design Document and concepts and turned it into a usable code asset.

-> Create a System to verify object that are being placed in the players inventory. 

-> Created a Crafting System and create the ability to combine Items inside the inventory and game space.  

>>....Immersive Entertainment....
>> ** Videos Coming Soon **
>> ** Project Is In Production **

>>.....Game: Canyon VR.....
>> Contract Programmer

>> September 2016 - December 2016

>>.... Player Interaction.....
-> Took a Design Document and turned it into a usable code asset.

-> Created A system to allow players to pick up objects.  
-> Created a System to have items hold information that the player might be interested in.  
-> Created components to allow the objects to register and verify the player that is trying to pick up an object.