>>....Game: Tuebor.....

-> Tuebor -- Mid-Level Programmer

-> May 2016 - September 2016 

>>....More About this project....

-> You can find more about the project I am working on here

-> Project Twitter
-> Project's youtube channel

>>....Particle Service....

-> Automates the process of adding or removing particles from a characters mesh

-> Allows the server to ignore the replication and allows the clients to only hold the particle information

-> Saves memory on the server

-> Allows a character to track the status effects that were applied to their character

-> Used for the following:

    + Burn Effects
    + Chill Effects
    + Damage Over Time
    + Stun and Slow Effects
    + Mind Control and Fear Effects

-> This service is used in the trailer to the right

>>....Tools Created....

-> Projectile Audio Tool

    + Allows the audio team to test the projectile sounds in flight

    + Can simulate all points in the projectile path

-> Exposing internal parts of the engine

    + Allowing for parts of the engines features to be exposed through blueprints; such as allowing specific character to hear specific sounds

>>....Player Character: Guinevere....

-> Updated Hero abilities to new standard

-> Implemented knock back for effected enemy characters

-> Updated abilities to use particle service I created for characters

>>....Some Player Characters I directly worked on....

>>....Particle Automation Service and Tools Created for Project....


>>....Role in Project Overview....

-> Programmed Player Characters

-> Programmed Character Abilities

-> Wrote services to Automate VFx and SFx

-> Created tools for departments to help with the creation of their assets

>>....Player Character: Deacon Dave....

-> Took the design documents to in game assets

-> This specific character can heal players on the same team

-> Wrote code to replicate the Visual Effects and Sound Effects over the network using the unreal engine frame work

-> Worked with the art team and animation team to help time these effects and animations to fire at the right time