>>....Code Sample.... Simple Class, Timer, and Memory Clean Up Example....

->This example shows an example of timer usage inside the engine

-> Shows knowledge of Timer creation and clean up

-> Show Spawning of objects inside the engine framework

-> Image of class 

-> See the source here

>>....Code Sample.... UStruct and UEnum Example....

->This example just shows a simple struct example for the unreal engine

-> Shows the basic interaction with c++ source and the blueprint system

-> Shows knowledge of the blueprintable types in the unreal engine framework

-> Shows Knowledge of Enums inside the unreal engine framework

-> Image of Stuct

-> See the source here

>>....Code Sample.... Mobile Game Spawning Algorithm....
-> This example shows spawning objects inside of the Unreal Engine 4 Framework

-> Shows Spawning object along the X Vector at a specific height above the surface

-> Show the knowledge of Timers and Timer Handles Inside the Unreal Engine Framework

-> Video of this code running

-> See the source code here